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NEW Drinkmate™ Spritzer Adds Fun, Flavor and Fizz to Holiday Entertaining

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The holiday season is just around the corner and that means family get-togethers, parties and the beginning of the gift giving season. Just in time for this year’s festivities, Drinkmate is introducing the NEW Drinkmate-Spritzer. The only portable carbonation system, that can carbonate any beverage, anywhere, with both ease and speed powered by a refillable CO2 canister. Thanks to its innovative design and ease of use, Drinkmate-Spritzer easily adds flavor and fun to holiday parties from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, and is also the perfect gift for anyone on this year’s list.

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The Drinkmate-Spritzer carbonation system enables consumers to control what ingredients go into their drinks without giving up the bubbles. The product is versatile enough to handle any beverage the consumer would like to sparkle including water, juices, teas, sport drink, cocktails, wine and beer.

The Spritzer also allows sparkle to be added back to opened beverages that have lost their fizz. As a result, it saves even more money on leftover drinks that would otherwise get poured down the drain. Its patented removable fizz infuser affords the user complete control over the CO2 discharge with a fun, simple pull of the trigger.

Drinkmate-Spritzer is portable, measuring just 12 inches at its largest dimension, for out-of-the-way storage and lightweight take-along. Because it requires neither electricity nor batteries for operation, it goes wherever holiday plans dictate. And because it stands in as a replacement for non-refillable hand-held models, it’s eco-friendly too.

Drinkmate-Spritzer connects quickly and detaches simply for ease of clean-up. It is compatible with all the most commonly used 3.0 oz. and 14.5 oz. brand carbonators. The portable model is available in three stylish colors: Metallic Black, Metallic Red and Pewter. The system comes with everything needed to get started carbonating right out of the box: one Drinkmate-Spritzer maker, one Fizz-Infuser, one 0.5L BPA-free bottle and two 3 oz cylinders (sparkle up to 32 half-liter bottle of beverages)

Holiday entertainers and gift givers searching for the perfect gift can purchase the new Spritzer system online at https://idrinkproducts.com/, where they will also find delicious drink recipes.

About Spritzer Development and i-Drink Products

Current portable soda makers on market has two major shortcoming: (i) carbonate water only, so many consumers are still need to buy sugary syrup or substitue flavorings; (ii) adopt a non-refillable CO2 charger only and not quite Eco-friendly and economical. For over 17 years, i-Drink Products and affiliated factory has been manufacturing high-quality, innovative home and portable carbonation systems. In that time frame, the i-Drink team has developed numerous patents, helping drive innovation in the carbonation industry. Spritzer was developed in 2016, aiming to address above two issues for portable version. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the company serves as the global headquarters for the Drinkmate brand. The Drinkmate is the world first home carbonator that allows for sparkling of almost anything in the fridge. Ranked as “the Kitchen of Tomorrow” by NBC’s Today Show, Drinkmate allows consumers to add fizz, flavor and fun to all their favorite drinks.


Drinkmate-Spritzer is not just portable for travelers or campers, it can be converted into a counter-top home sparkling beverage maker. Purchase one of the stand from iDrink, install a large 60L CO2 cylinder (130L does not work), sit the Spritzer holder onto the stand and it magically become a counter top carbonation maker – just like the counter-top Drinkmate with a trigger function.


This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase for consumer use, and for 6 (six) months for commercial use During this period, your exclusive remedy is repair or replacement of this product or any component found to be defective, at our option; however, you are responsi-ble for all costs associated with returning the product to us and our returning a product or component under this warranty to you. If the product or component is no longer available, we will replace with a similar one of equal or greater value. This warranty does not cover PET bottles, and wear from normal use, use not in conformity with the printed directions, or damage to the product resulting from accident, alteration, abuse, or misuse. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser or gift recipient with receipt. Keep the original sales receipt, as proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim. We exclude all claims for special, incidental, and consequential damages caused by breach of express or implied warranty. All liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price. Every implied warranty, including any statutory warranty or condition of merchantability or tness for a particular purpose, is disclaimed except to the extent prohibit-ed by law, in which case such warranty or condition is limited to the duration of this written warranty. This warranty gives you specic legal rights. You may have other legal rights that vary depending on where you live. Some states or provinces do not allow limitations on implied warranties or special, incidental, or consequential damages, so the foregoing imitations may not apply to you. This is the only express warranty for this product and is in lieu of an other warranty or condition.

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