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Do you know what got a standing ovation for DrinkMate?

Not just water, Drinkmate does a lot more! This introductory video showcases comments from celebrities from Rachael Ray to the Today Show to ordinary, everyday consumers. Drinkmate carbonates everything from juice, to tea, to vitamin drinks, wines, sake, beer, and much more!

The first reaction from consumers has been always a big “Wow!” After they see the demo and get a better understanding of the Drinkmate by comparing it with other similar products, many people’s first thought is that they need one in their kitchen as a basic tool – just like Rachael got hers for her husband as gift.

Like the catchy song in this video tells “Freedom with what you make – No Worries with DrinkMate – Your friends will know the difference – What will you Sparkle Next?”

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Healthy Sparkling Juices

But don’t be mistaken.  The Drinkmate is not just a cocktail maker. You can add some zip to fresh squeezed and organic juices.

Do your kids obsess over sodas despite your best attempts to get them to be healthier?  Are you a heath conscious person but you are having trouble kicking that soda habit?  You can get the best of both worlds with the Drinkmate.  And since you can carbonate however much you want, you don’t have to worry about flat drinks in your fridge!

You are in control now, what will you do with it?

Whether its cocktails, fresh juices or your favorite sports drink its up to you.  Have a shrub that you’ve developed and you want to give it some extra zip?  Maybe your an iced tea fan, now you can try carbonated iced tea.  At iDrink we don’t presume to tell you what you’ll like best, we just know that when you use the DrinkMate you’ll discover a whole new range of flavors and fun.  We’d love to hear about your creations on Twitter or Facebook.  Or drop us a line.

Drinkmate Product Sheet

Besides it being able to carbonate anything, the Drinkmate also has many other merits. Some benefits are that there is no electricity/battery required, and the Drinkmate is more compact and takes up less space than many of its competitors. Currently Drinkmate offers 1.0L and 0.5L bottles (NOT Dish-washer safe). If you just make one serving, using a 0.5L bottle will save some CO2. All bottles are BPA-free with a detachable bottom cap for easy cleaning. A Stainless Steel bottle will be available by the end of 2017. For CO2 canisters, besides our own Drinkmate 3oz and 14.5oz (= 60L) CO2 canister, it adopts other brands’ 60L (not 130L) CO2 canister, which can be easily obtained from stores like Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target. Remember to keep all your 3 oz CO2 canisters, because in the near future, Drinkmate will offer a portable version that utilizes your 3 oz canisters!

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