Yes, Drinkmate makes delicious sparkling water, but it doesn’t stop there! Drinkmate carbonates everything from juices to tea, vitamin drinks, wine, cocktails, lemonade and much more! This video showcases some great media coverage on Drinkmate, and shows exactly how it works. Our patented Fizz Infuser technology is what gives you the versatility to carbonate any beverage.

The first reaction from consumers has always been a big “Wow!” After they see the demo and get a better understanding of  Drinkmate compared to other brands, many people’s first thought turns toward a favorite drink they always wanted to try carbonated – which is why Rachael Ray got one for her husband as gift.


Do your kids obsess over sugary sodas despite your best attempts to get them to drink healthier?  Are you a health conscious person but you’re having trouble kicking that soda habit?  You can get the best of both worlds with Drinkmate:  add some fizzy taste to healthy drinks!  You and the kids will love it.

Drinkmate carbonation appliance

Drinkmate carbonation drinks in red black white


Whether you want to sparkle cocktails, fresh juices or your favorite sports drink it’s up to you.  Maybe you’re an iced tea fan, now you can try carbonated iced tea.  Have you tried any spices, herbs, or fruit in a carbonated drink?   We don’t presume to know what you’ll like best, we just know you can use Drinkmate to discover a whole new range of flavors and fun.  We invite you to explore our expanding beverage recipes page.  Even better, we’d love to hear about your favorite drink creations on our social media sites.  Or drop us a line on the Contact page.

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Besides being able to carbonate anything, Drinkmate also has many other merits. It is available in three decorative finishes to match any décor:  Matte Black, Metallic Red, or White.  Drinkmate’s elegant design is more compact and takes up less counter space than many competitors.  The countertop Drinkmate comes with a 1.0L BPA-free  carbonating bottle, and 0.5L bottles are also available for added convenience.  After use, clean-up is a breeze. Simply rinse or hand-wash the carbonating bottles and Fizz Infuser after each use. With no electricity or battery required, Drinkmate is powered by CO2 carbonating cylinders and will accept cylinders made by Drinkmate, iSoda, and SodaStream.  Replacement cylinders are widely available online (Shop Now) and many store locations across North America.

Drinkmate carbonate beverages features list sheet




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