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Everything you need to know about the Drinkmate

Q1: What is The DrinkMate home carbonation system?
A: The DrinkMate is the first home carbonation system that allows you to add bubbles to ANY cold beverage you desire. Most carbonated drinks come with a package and the CO2 is added by a commercial machine. Drinkmate is a device for home and office to add bubbles to the drink at your convenience. Besides carbonating water, you can sparkle lemonade, apple cider, fruit punch, tea or any other cold beverage out of your design; a flat beverage such as ginger ale or beer; make sparkling cocktail or Japanese Sake and even turn a white wine into a champagne. YOU have complete control of what you can carbonate unlike other carbonation systems which limit you. The DrinkMate is perfect for anyone who enjoys bubbles but doesn’t want the extra sugar, preservatives or chemicals in their drinks. Just open your fridge and add some bubbles!! If you want me to use only one word to describe DrinkMate – it is “Freedom”!

Q2: I can’t get the Fizz Infuser off the DrinkMate.
A: To remove the Fizz Infuser, grab the Fizz Infuser and pull upwards and forwards.  The Fizz Infuser fixture on the DrinkMate will rock forward and the Fizz Infuser will easily slide off the appliance.

Q3: I can not slide the Fizz Infuser back in because there is a white plastic tip blocking its way.
A: This is one of the most frequently asked question. If you see the white plastic tip sticking out and block the fizz infuser to slide back into its adaptor, you have to put your fingers on the back side of the black adaptor, apply a little bit force (may feel tight and may break something, but it will not), pull the adaptor forward to about 45 degree angle from its vertical position (you will hear a click sound), until you see the white plastic tip is hidden inside. Please click following YouTube video to watch how to solve this problem:

Q4: Can I carbonate drinks other than water?
A: Yes. DrinkMate is the only carbonation system on market that gives you endless possibilities and allows you to safely add bubbles to your favorite beverages. When you use DrinkMate to carbonate juice that contains pulp or fruit chunk, pay attention not to allow the fruit coming up to top, also please soak the whole Fizz Infuser in water to have it fully cleaned. We do not recommend to use Drinkmate for pulped juice.

Q5: How is The DrinkMate different from other soda makers?
A: First we do not call DrinkMate a “Soda Maker”, it is not designed to let user to make just soda (sparkle water and then add syrup). Drinkmate is a device enables you to carbonate anything you want DIRECTLY. The biggest difference from a soda maker is DrinkMate design is detachable after the beverage is carbonated, also the pressure release process is controllable via a series valve system resided in Fizz Infuser. This patented technology enables you to safely control the entire carbonation process which allows you to introduce beverages other than just water. The patented Fizz Infuser is detachable from the maker and allow user to do slow or fast release. If your carbonated beverage looks like it is going to create too much foam, you can just shut down the slow release to let it rest for a while. This mechanism can be found ONLY on DrinkMate and it has never been this easy to add bubbles to your favorite beverages!

Q6: If Drinkmate is not a soda maker, what is the biggest benefit for using the Drinkmate then?
A: A Soda maker is still staying in “Soda” concept, basically it changes from packaged soda products to allowing you use a machine to Do-It-Yourself. All soda makers will carbonate water first, then add their syrups to make it tastes “Good”. You pour syrup AFTER the water is carbonated and this may reduce the carbonation level, plus you still ingest flavoring or syrup which may contains some ingredient that you do not want (too much sugar, sugar type, coloring, preservatives like aspartame and so on). Drinkmate is not in this route. It carbonate DIRECTLY to your drink. With Drinkmate, you can stay with your royal beverages (like Gatorade, Vitamin drink, coconut water, juice, wine etc.), keep the healthy or preferred part and filter out unwanted portion but still have bubble in it. We love bubbles because we were grow up with bubbly drinks, also we would like to try our own bubbly drinks at home and Drinkmate maximize the freedom in innovating this! With Drinkmate at home, you can do whenever you need a bubbly drink in convenience.

Q7: What kind of power source does The DrinkMate use?
A: The DrinkMate is not powered by electricity or the use of batteries. It uses a refillable CO2 canister.

Q8: My Drinkmate comes with a 3oz CO2 canister, where can I get the replacement CO2?
A: Drinkmate started CO2 exchange program in some Brick and Mortar stores and consumers in certain regions can go to those stores do exchange (bring the empty one in exchange a refilled one, just like your propane tank for grill). You may even bring a 3oz one for a full size one (14.5oz or 60L). Besides Metro Detroit area, other available locations are at four major b8ta Stores now to cover those metropolitan area: Austin; Santa Monica (LA); Seattle and San Francisco; Please check detail addresses from:

We are working hard to bring Drinkmate CO2 to more national chain stores, please keep tuning in.

other options include:

  1. Order Drinkmate (or iSoda) twin pack of 14.5oz (60L) or 6-pack 3oz from and stay with our exchange program.
  2. or you can go to stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples, Target to find other brand (like Soda Stream) 60L CO2 canister (130L does not fit in DrinkMate) and stay with their exchange program. They are compatible.
  3. Some users try to use other CO2 source, like paintball CO2 tank, by using a special made adapter or converter to connect paintball or a commercial CO2 tank to Drinkmate. We are not responsible to those kinds of modified use.

Q9: How much does it cost to carbonate?
A: Each 14.5oz carbonator sparkles up to 60L of beverages. This number could be more or less depending on the level of carbonation you enjoy in your beverages. A household of 4 might need to replace a 60L carbonator every 6-8 weeks depending on usage. If carbonating water only, the cost of making 1L (34 oz) sparkling water cost you only about $0.25.  Drinking home carbonated water will rapidly pay off and recoup your cost of drinking pre-bottled soda water.

Q10: The CO2 of Drinkmate cylinder is safe for food and beverages?
A: Yes, all Drinkmate (or iSoda) brand CO2 tank use a FDA certified CO2 refill company in Ann Arbor, Michigan to perform the CO2 refill work. They strictly follow the production procedure and have a very strict tracking/recall system in place. So it is 100% satisfactory guaranteed for you to make sparkling drinks.

Q11: There are some home carbonation systems which do not require CO2 cylinder, can you give me a comparison between cylinder and cylinder-less versions?
A: The home carbonation industry is growing rapidly, and it is an exciting industry to be part of.  Many different companies are coming out with different solutions to providing customers access to CO2.  At iDrink products we feel that the cylinder solution is the best solution.  It is orders of magnitude cheaper than the other methods, and orders of magnitude faster.  We believe the large cost and time benefits associated with the cylinder technology outweigh the small inconvenience of exchanging your cylinder at a retail location.  It also happens to be the most environmentally friendly solution.  Think of exchanging your cylinder as recycling.

Q12: How many times should I push the carbonation button?
A: This is up to your personal preference and the type of beverage you are trying to carbonate.  If you prefer more carbonate beverages it would be best to carbonate all the way until you hear the gas release from the Fizz Infuser.  Some beverages are more difficult to carbonate because the produce more foam.  So with these types of beverages you will want to use slower injection rates by not pushing the carbonation button all the way down, and by doing short bursts rather than just pressing the carbonation button until you hear the release of the CO2.

Q13: Why some videos or comments recommend to shake the bottle after it is removed from the machine?
A: After carbonation process, there are always some CO2 resides in the empty space on top of the beverage. Shaking will make those portion of CO2 to further blend with the liquid to achieve higher carbonation level. This shaking process should happen after the carbonation, take the fizz infuser and bottle down from the machine, before you flip the slow release tab.

Q14: If I keep pushing the carbonating button down for long time, what will happen?
A: We always recommend you to push in short-pulse way because continuous pushing may cause the icy effect on the injection tip. When the pressure in the bottle reaches the limit that the safety valves are designed to release pressure you will hear a sound of gas escaping.  You can continue to press the Carbonation button but it is not an efficient use of CO2.  If you feel that the carbonation level is not high enough then best to remove the Fizz Infuser from the Drinkmate and shake it while it is still pressurized.  This will allow you to increase the carbonation level without wasting more CO2.

Q15: When should I replace the CO2 cylinder?
A: The full size consumer cylinder iDrink Products provides is estimated to be able to carbonate up to 60L of beverage.  If you have rapidly carbonated a high number of drinks then its possible that the temperature of the cylinder has gotten very cold.  If you wait for it to heat up again you should be able to continue to carbonate drinks.  If even after allowing the cylinder to adjust to room temperature you are unable to carbonate because the CO2 is coming out so slowly that you cannot pressurize the bottle it is time for a new cylinder.  We suggest you keep a spare or two at home so that you can always switch and empty cylinder for a full one.

Q16: There are some instruction on Youtube showing how to refill the cylinder by yourself, such as using dry ice. Is that OK for DrinkMate cylinder?
A: iDrink Products urges individuals not to in any way decontruct the cylinder for any reason.  Filling a CO2 cylinder with dry ice can be VERY dangerous.  When the dry ice reaches room temperature it takes up far more space than it did in a solid state.  Filling a cylinder this way is dangerous and iDrink Products strong discourages anyone from engaging in this activity.  iDrink Products CO2  is FDA approved food grade CO2 and it is closely monitored and tracked by authorized party for its quality. Any other filling options cannot be supported by iDrink Products as we have no control over the quality of CO2 an end user may be filling their cylinders with.

Q17: Can I remove the copper valve on cylinder? What is the little hex bolt on cylinder?
A: Only an authorized individual should attempt to alter the structure of the valve. Unauthorized tampering of the valve assembly is dangerous and should not be attempted. Tampering with the hex bolt on the side of the cylinder risks disabling the safety function it provides and under no circumstances should a consumer make alterations to this feature.

Q18. Are DrinkMate bottles BPA free?
A. Yes. DrinkMate and iSoda drink bottles are both BPA (Bisphenol-A) free PET.

Q19. Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?
A. The bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation. Like any other plastic material, Drinkmate bottle cannot be used forever due to its natural aging will degrade its durability against pressure. The bottle must be replaced once the expiration date has been reached, or if the bottle has been deformed due to misuse (like accidentally put in the dishwasher), scratched or exposed to heat before the expiration date. The factory put on the same expiration date on the same batch, but some bottle might be started in use right after it is produced, some may not be in use until say two year later. For the one started use later, you may use it over the expiration date for some time, but never use it over 12 months after its expiration date.

Q20: Can I store the bottle with carbonated drink in the car in a hot summer?
A: there is maximum storage temperature mark (+ 40C/120F) on each bottle and never store the bottle above that temperature. It is better to store the bottle in room temperature or in the fridge. The plastic material is down-grading much faster in performance under hot temperature.

Q21: How do I clean my carbonating bottle and Fizz infuser?
A: DrinkMate carbonating bottles and Fizz Infuser should be cleaned with room temperature or warm (not hot) water and MUST be washed by hand. The base cap of the Drinkmate Brand carbonation bottles is also removable.  This is so that if some beverage gets between the bottle and the removable base you can easily clean it to prevent moldy situation.   We also suggest you to soak the whole Fizz Infuser into the clean water periodically, so can have it fully cleaned.
Both carbonating bottles and Fizz Infuser can NOT be washed in the dishwasher.

Q22: I start hearing the hissing sound when I lift the chromed button on Fizz Infuser, why? What is the blue button underneath for?
A: The chromed button is called “slow release” button. Once you lift it up, CO2 starts discharging slowly, allowing the beverage to calmly release pressure without upsetting the beverage. The blue button is called fast release button and will allow fast release of CO2. Carbonating some beverages, like water, does not require you to wait for the slow release valve to release the pressure, and you can use the quick release right away. Always push the blue button to make sure the pressure is completely reduced before remove the fizz infuser. Never try to force the fizz infuser open, it will cause a mess if you open it with the pressure is still built in.

Q23. How often will I have to replace my cylinder?
A. A household of 4 might need to replace a 60L cylinder every 6-8 weeks depending on usage.

Q24. Can I use a different brand of carbonating bottle?
A. No. DrinkMate and iSoda use a patented quick connect technology that makes it safe and easy to connect and reconnect and only iDrink Products carbonation bottles will fit.

Q25. Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes. DrinkMate has a 2-year manufacturing warranty to the body of DrinkMate (excluding the carbonating bottle) and fizz infuser under normal use. Misuse or off-instruction use may void your warranty. We do not put warranty to give-away samples (some may be used by lab for testing and such). Please keep your receipt when need to claim a warranty issue.

Q26. Will other branded cylinders work with The DrinkMate?
A. Yes. The most common CO2 cylinders in the US market will work with the DrinkMate (only the 60L works, not 130L). If you have any questions, please contact us to customer service at 1-844-812-6241.

Q27: I tried to carbonate the flat beer and the foam level rising up high and came out from the Fizz Infuser, is this a problem? How should I avoid this?
A: Some beers can be more problematic than others.  Its not a problem.  Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the Fizz Infuser if the does happen.  To avoid this problem, try pressing the Carbonation button on the Drinkmate for a shorter period of time and shaking it before releasing pressure.  Shaking it will allow more CO2 to be dissolved into the beer and lower the pressure.  Also, over carbonating a beer can taste as bad as a flat beer.  Its in your control to decide how much CO2 you want to use.

Q28: Can I use iSoda-Mini to carbonate drinks other than water?
A: You certainly can.  Like the Drinkmate, the iSoda Mini can be used to gradually release pressure.  If you see the foam rising to the top of the bottle too quickly simply close the valve again by turning the top half of the Mini in the direction of the carbonation arrow (clockwise).  Let the Mini sit for awhile and then try to release pressure again.  Always wash the Mini after carbonating non water beverages. Especially if the foam comes into contact with the valves.

Q29: Can I use a 8g CO2 charger onto a DrinkMate machine or iSoda ECO?
A: No, It does not work with any counter top maker. 8g CO2 charger is only for handheld soda makers like iSoda-mini, and they are not refillable.

Q30: How to use DrinkMate to make sparkling cocktail?
A: Our world class mixologist has developed some excellent suggestions for cocktail recipes that can be found on our recipes page.  However, the beauty of the DrinkMate is the complete control you have over the carbonation and the pressure release.  This allows you to develop your own conctions for your drinking pleasure.  Some mixes will be more foam generating than others, but there is no limit to the possibilities.

Q31: Can I store the Fizz Infuser inside the fridge or even freezer?
A: It is not allowed! There are many mechanical elements, like spring coils and valves reside in Fizz Infuser. Storing those in fridge may cause malfunction of those component and influence the performance especially for discharge. We suggest to use the bottle cap, not Fizz Infuser itself on carbonated bottled beverage. It is absolutely not allowed to store both Fizz Infuser and plastic bottle inside freezer – this will damage those units and may even cause safety issue.

Q32: My Drinkmate did not work because the white nozzle tip in Fizz Adapter was damaged. How to avoid this kind of  situation?
A: The main reason for this white tip become damaged is when you slide the Fizz Infuser in, you are supposed to slide it all the way till the end. If not, like on its half way, and you start pushing the Fizz Infuser to its perpendicular position, the white tip will be damaged by the top wall of Fizz Infuser. Once it was damaged, the maker will not be able to operate normal injection. So be very careful in these steps – there are two steps here: step-1 is slide Fizz Infuser to the end in about 45 degree angle; step-2 is push Fizz Infuser (with bottle) to perpendicular position and ready for injecting CO2 – No Shortcut here! We actually make a special design to help in positioning the tip perfectly into the hole on Fizz infuser, but some impatient customers still make mistakes on these steps.

damaged tip-Drinkmate

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